We run four courses in London designed to help you get the most out of your machine and deepen your appreciation of good coffee, from beans and grinds to coffee art.

Not in London? Not a problem. We can put together and run bespoke courses anywhere in the UK, just get in touch here.

  • Bespoke Barista Courses

    Whatever your needs, from how to work your machine to how to do a proper coffee tasting (“cupping”), our coffee experts can help. We can arrange courses all over the UK. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and give you a bespoke quote.

  • Advanced Barista Course: London Coffee Shops £199.00+VAT

    Take your coffee shop to the next level

    Everything in the basic barista course plus:

    • Using scales for dosing coffee
    • Measuring brew ratios
    • More practice and tasting
    • One to one practice and training including latte art

  • Basic Barista Course: London Coffee Shops £139.00+VAT

    Everything you need to know to get your coffee shop humming along

    • Introduction
    • Coffee origins
    • The difference between Arabica and Robusta beans
    • The importance of freshness
    • Typical coffee menu:
      • Espresso
      • Ristretto – shorter espresso
      • Macchiato – espresso with dollop of hot milk/foam
      • Americano – Hot water + espresso
      • Long Black – similar to Americano, normally shorter (less water)
      • Cappucino – Espresso + steamed milk + foam
      • Café Latte – Espresso + steamed milk
      • Flat White – shorter, stronger Latte (less milk, no foam)
      • Mocha – Café Latte + chocolate
    • Coffee Equipment
      • Espresso Machine
      • Grinder
      • Importance of proper cleaning
    • How to make the perfect espresso
      • Dose – around 20g, show how to get it without using scales
      • Tamping – demonstration
      • Extraction time – 20-30sec
      • Volume – around 50ml of espresso in the cup
      • Consistency – should pour like olive oil
      • Crema with ‘tiger skin’ pattern
      • Adjusting grinder to achieve above, show how it affects shot, taste good and bad shots
      • Practice
      • Milk Steaming technique – demonstration (half full pitcher, spinning motion, no noise) Temperature – demonstration how to know the milk is hot enough (pitcher too hot to hold) Microfoam – demonstration how to avoid big bubbles Pouring – introduction to latte art
      • Practice Summary – recap + things to remember

  • In-Depth Barista Course: London Offices £89.00+VAT

    A more thorough course for offices using a barista (espresso-style) machine.

    In this course you’ll spend two hours learning how to:

    • Get the most of your barista machine focussing on the grinder, group head, and steam wand
    • Make a variety of coffee drinks like a pro – espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, and flat white
    • Operate your machine like a true barista: Dosing and tamping, Extraction, Steaming and pouring milk, look after the super important daily cleaning and maintenance

  • Light Barista Course: London Offices £49.00+VAT

    An introductory training session for offices with bean-to-cup coffee machines.

    In this course you’ll spend an hour learning:

    • How your bean to cup coffee machine works – all the tricks you don’t know
    • How to program your drink settings just as you like them
    • How to adjust the temperature and strength
    • How to do daily cleaning and maintenance