— Our Three Tree Guarantee —


Though we sell over a million cups of coffee a year, we still ensure that all our beans are sourced ethically, roasted locally and priced fairly, so both our suppliers and clients receive a fair deal.

Not only do we source our coffee ethically but we have helped launch a new ‘Green’ initiative called the ‘Three Tree Guarantee’. In partnership with the United Nations Environment tree-planting partner, Green Earth Appeal, we now guarantee to plant three trees in the developing world for every coffee machine we sell.

These trees not only counterbalance the environmental impact of the sale and delivery of our coffee machines, but help reverse global warming, create bio diversity and improve land fertility.

But that isn’t all, with Green Earth Appeal’s help, these trees also help provide empowerment and opportunity for some of the developing world’s neediest communities helping break the awful cycle of reliance on aid.

To learn more about the Green Earth Appeal, click here.